Pathogenicity and Virulence (Host-Parasite Interaction)

Since the days of Pasteur and Koch, the concept of pathogenicity and pathogenicity has determined the perception of the harmful effects of microorganisms. These concepts have led to the recognition and identification of many causative agents, providing natural and synthetic agents that are effective in the treatment and prevention of diseases. Many complex attributes of microbial anatomy and physiology have been obscured by reliance on pure culture techniques. For example, bacterial organelles and the production of extracellular polysaccharides allow microorganisms to interact with mammalian glycolytic enzymes and specific receptors. In addition, through the use of therapeutic agents, choices help the progression of environmental organisms to members of the intimate human biosphere, which can impede patient recovery. These factors further underscore the central importance of the host's response to infection. Parasitism, on its negative side, not only damages the host's organs and cells, but also explains the emergence of "new" infections. You may encounter more subtle infections that reveal the interaction of parasites with host cell nucleic acids in the form of genomic parasites.

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