Viral Oncology

Viral oncology is a branch of oncology that deals with the treatment of tumors with viral particles. Although the region has received much coverage in recent years, the idea of using the virus as an oncolytic agent has existed since the early 1920s, and the correlation between the virus and remission has existed since the mid-19th century. Oncolytic viruses are viruses that specifically attack and kill cancer cells. This process is usually based on a genetically engineered virus that retains its toxicity in somatic cells, although it has lost the ability to replicate in somatic cells. Many of these cells are unable to infect somatic cells due to the loss or inactivation of genes that may suppress the intracellular stroke mechanism. Without these suppressive mechanisms, the virus can only go through a lysis cycle within cancer cells, making it an effective and efficient way to treat cancer.

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